How To Do a Quick Weave
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How To Do a Quick Weave
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How To Do a Quick Weave

Why is a quick weave the best choice?

Quick weaves are the easiest and most affordable way to get perfect hair! They are so versatile, that they allow you to achieve stunning hairstyles which might otherwise not be possible.

A hair weave is also the fastest and most efficient way to get moviestar-quality hair. In just a matter of minutes, you can instantly transform your style with a quick weave. Our site features the top-selling brands which are renowned for only using the highest quality human and remy hair.

How to do a quick weave?
Whether it’s the first quick weave you’ve ever worn, or you’ve worn them forever but want to try doing it yourself… here’s what you need to know:

Step One: Choosing the right quick weaves
The right weaves make a world of difference. If you buy one that’s low quality, not only will it look fake, but it will also feel fake. It will be more prone to tangling, split ends, etc. This is why our site features extremely high quality weaves at ridiculously low prices. In fact, you can probably buy two or three high quality weaves on this site, for the price of one low quality weave sold at your local store. When you buy your hair care supplies online, you don’t have to pay the outrageous markups that stores will try and charge you.

Step Two: Washing and conditioning
It’s best to thoroughly wash and condition your hair before attaching the weave. Next, you will want to condition your hair by soaking it in a setting lotion. Each manufacturer has slightly different directions, so simply follow whatever the label on the setting lotion bottle tells you to do. This step is especially important if you have frizzy or ethnic hair. Fortunately, we also sell a huge variety of ethnic hair care products at incredible prices.

Step Three: Style your hair
Basically, what you are doing in this step is getting your natural hair out of the way to make place for the quick weave. Once the setting lotion has been applied, you will want to style your hair so it lies as flat as possible. One way to do this is to form a ponytail and use it to create a bun. The hair will need to be dry before you can proceed to the next step, so it’s recommended you carefully blow dry.

Step Four: Attaching the quick weave
Now it’s time to find out how to do a quick weave! You will want to start at the back of the head and measure how much is needed. This can be done by taking the track and carefully measuring the distance from one ear to the other at the back. Remember… measure twice, cut once. Apply a small line of hair bondage glue to the track and hold it for several seconds on both ends. You will repeat this, following the circle patter. Continue this until you get to the crown of the head, which we will talk about next.

Step Five: Closing the crown
Once you get to the crown of the head, the final piece will be done a little bit differently. There will be a tiny space left you will need to fill. Most quick weaves come with a special piece of track for this, but others require you to create your own. If you need to make one, take a 1.5 to 2 inch, fold it in half, and then roll up glue. Once this has dried, you will want to flip it upside down and glue it onto the last open area.

Now you know how to do a quick weave! You can find everything you need right here. Choose from a massive selection of quick weaves, including Milky Way Hair, Outre, Model Model Hair, Sensationnel Goddess, Beverly Johnson, and many more! Best of all, since the prices are so heavily discounted, you can buy several for the price some stores charge you for just one!

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